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Dishonored – Definitive Edition is Free on the Epic Games Store

Dishonored – Definitive Edition is the perfect sneak-em-up for people who miss Thief and it’s free on the Epic Games Store.

Yes, we know Thief got a semi-reboot, but it wasn’t all that great and we’re hoping that with Square Enix selling the IP we get a full-on sequel or remake. But in the meantime, Dishonored absolutely scratches our fantasy stealth itch and now it’s free you’ve no excuse not to get your hands dirty.

As bodyguard-turned-assassin Corvo, you do a little stealing but there’s also an awful lot of stabbing involved in Dishonored. You can employ a wealth of magical abilities – possession, teleportation and more. Or, if you want an extra challenge, you can forget about them and try and do things the old fashioned way.

There are some gloriously over the top characters and, surprisingly, a few celebrity voice-overs, featuring Michael Madsen, Chloe Grace Moretz and Susan Sarandon. Their presence isn’t strictly necessary but it’s still fun to play spot-the-voice.

Dishonored – Definitive Edition bundles the main game with the DLC that casts you as.. well, we won’t spoil it for you. This represents the last of Epic’s 15 Days of Free Games and the good news that, unlike the other games given away, the offer doesn’t expire today.

Instead, you’ve got until January 5th to claim this deal, which you can do by clicking here. You will need an Epic Games Store account but you can create one for free. And once you’re finished with Dishonored, you can nab its sequel for a ridiculous £4.99. Check out our review to discover how Dishonored 2 matches up to the original.

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