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Does Dwarf Fortress Have Co-op or Multiplayer Features?

Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress is so much fun that you might want to share. So does it have a co-op mode or some other multiplayer mode?

After all, a problem shared is a problem halved. Apparently – we’ve worked in a few situations where that’s definitely not the case. But we can certainly see the appeal of playing Dwarf Fortress in co-op mode or head to head multiplayer mode. So can you do that?

The answer is no – mostly. The current enhanced version of Dwarf Fortress, released on Steam complete with fancy new graphics, is single-player only. The original version of Dwarf Fortress is also single-player only, with no co-op or multiplayer features.

Yes, unexpected things can happen but it won’t be the fault of another human player. Except… there is a multiplayer mod for hacked, non-enhanced versions of Dwarf Fortress. You can find out more here, but it’s far from a simple matter to get it going.

As that page also suggests, you might as well take turns playing the game, The Dark Pictures Anthology style. Give someone ten minutes, then swap over, then so forth. The downside to this is that when something does go wrong, there might be a lot of finger-pointing.

Honestly, you’ll get the most from Dwarf Fortress if you just accept it as a solo game. There are plenty of single-player surprises awaiting you. So, no, Dwarf Fortress does not have multiplayer, co-op, head to head or otherwise.

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