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Does The Callisto Protocol Have Co-op or Multiplayer?

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Horror action game The Callisto Protocol sees fighting for your life, but can you share the battle with another player? Does it support co-op or multiplayer?

After all, two heads can be better than one, provided they stay attached to their respective shoulders. And yes, in The Callisto Protocol there’s a real risk of losing yours; having backup would certainly help. So is there a co-op mode or, at least, some kind of multiplayer?

The answer is no. The Callisto Protocol does not have any kind of multiplayer mode, either co-op or head to head. This is strictly a single-player game, and while you do get a little assistance from other characters, there’s no human player controlling them.

Is that a bad thing? Not really. We’ve played a few games where multiplayer has come first and single-player has been almost an afterthought. Making The Callisto Protocol multiplayer would, we feel, have diminished it.

However, having said that, we would pay good money for a split-screen prequel that sees you and another player attempting to escape Black Iron prison, before any of the game’s horrors got loose.  Basically, we’re thinking of a sci-fi version of A Way Out, complete with split-screen.

Think escaping a terrestrial prison is hard? Now imagine having to get off-planet as well. There’d be no swimming for it, or crawling through a sewer pipe – you’d have to steal or sneak aboard a spaceship, all without the staff noticing you were gone.

But, as for The Callisto Protocol, there’s no multiplayer or co-op so you’ll be playing it solo.

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