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Five New Sonic the Hedgehog LEGO Sets Could Be on the Way

According to a recent leak, next year could see the release of several new Sonic the Hedgehog LEGO sets.

As reported by VGC, there are rumoured to be at least five new Sonic the Hedgehog LEGO sets in the works, arriving next year. The leak originated from the BrickClicker YouTube channel which has, in the past, proved pretty accurate. For example, they leaked the existence of the impressive but pricey LEGO Ideas Lighthouse set.

But, according to BrickClicker, we’re not looking at a range of isolated sets. Instead, the sets – which will cost between $29.99 and $99.99 – will form parts of a single course. Sound familar? It should – it sounds rather similar to LEGO’s Super Mario sets.

Yes, BrickClicker could be wrong but we sincerely hope they’re not – we’re very excited to see what these sets offer. Sure, we absolutely loved the Ideas-based Sonic the Hedgehog Lego set, but there was something missing.

The Death Egg robot that featured in the original fan-created Ideas submission, pictured above, was absent. We’re hoping that the $99.99 set features a full-on recreation of Doctor Robotnik’s Sonic-stomping mecha. Each set will reportedly feature a couple of minifigures so it may be that Sonic will be joined by his friends – Tails, Amy and so on. Or, alternatively, some familiar foes such as Metal Sonic could be cropping up.

Assuming this leak does turn out to be legitimate, we’d expect LEGO to announce the existence of these sets some time in May of next year, with the sets being released shortly after. It’s a long time to wait but it’ll give us a chance to talk ourselves into buying every single one of them.

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