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Get Dead Rising 3 For 70% Off in the Steam Sale

Fancy taking on the zombie hordes? Then pick up Dead Rising 3: Apocalypse Edition for less than $10/£10 on Steam.

You might be wondering why we’re recommending Dead Rising 3 when Dead Rising 4 is a more season-appropriate zombie game and it’s even cheaper on Steam. The simple reason is that it’s not very good, and not just because it turned the “proper” ending into an abysmal piece of DLC.

Dead Rising 3, on the other hand, while it’s slightly more serious than its predecessors, is still an excellent zombie game. It gives you the freedom to roam a pretty large chunk of city, “borrow” a range of cars and even build your own ridiculous four-wheel contraptions.

Plus, it features the weapon-building shenanigans that made Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record such a blast. The Apocalypse Edition also adds a range of mini-missions which let you play as other characters and there’s plenty of co-op fun to be had. And, priced at $8.99/$7.49 on Steam, it’s an absolute steal.

It’s not for the faint-hearted, admittedly, as it can be a little gore-heavy. But it made our list of the Best Zombie Games on Xbox One, where we called it one of the best zombie games on Xbox One. Speaking of which, you can get the Xbox version for £11.99/$8.99 from the Xbox Store.

Nearly ten years after its initial release, Dead Rising 3 still ranks up there as one of the best open-world zombie games. And if you’re a fan of the series or zombies in general, why not pick it up and shamble your way through the New Year? Just don’t count on there being a Dead Rising 5Dead Rising 4 has put paid to that.

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