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Grab Ghost of a Tale For Free at GOG

Ghost of a Tale

Ghost of a Tale, which sees you adventuring and sneaking your way around a fantasy world, is free on GOG.com.

That might sound familiar, particularly if you’ve played Thief, but the twist is that your protagonist is an adorable little mouse. And, as cute as protagonist Tilo is, they’re more than capable of dealing out a little damage. A sequel is currently in the works but this first game is still well worth your time.

And now, thanks to GOG.com’s festive giveaways, it’s available absolutely free. What’s the catch? It’s just the PC version that’s free, which is understandable, given that GOG is a PC only platform. It’s also available on PlayStation and Xbox, priced at £19.99, though the PlayStation version is also on PlayStation Plus.

All you have to do to get your hands on the PC version of Tilo’s rodent adventure is to go to GOG’s Giveaway page and claim it. Assuming, that is, you’ve got a GOG account. If not, you’ll need to create one but they’re free. Click away and you’ve got your own DRM-free version of Ghost of a Tale.

GOG will encourage you to use the GOG Galaxy browser but you can also just download the game as is and install it manually. You’ve got just over 2 days to claim it, so be quick. And if mouse-based adventures are your thing, check out Moss.

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