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Here’s Everything Revealed at The Game Awards 2022

The Game Awards 2022

We all know by now that The Game Awards isn’t just about, well, game awards. It’s also about announcements, updates and WORLD PREMIERES.

It’s past midnight here in the UK before the Game Awards even kicks off, but we’re dedicated to our craft and so we’re staying up to bring you all the news. In case you’re not as stupid as us to stay up all night, here’s everything that was announced during The Game Awards 2022.

Buckle in, and enjoy. First up, a bunch of pre-show stuff:

Dead Cells crosses over with Castlevania

Everyone’s favourite indie metroidvania is getting a crossover with the one and only Castlevania. The animated announcement is beyond cool. Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania is coming in Q1 2023.

Vampire Survivors is out now on mobile

That’s it. That’s the announcement. And it’s free to play. So, get to it, we suppose.

Valiant Hearts 2 is coming soon

Valiant Hearts 2: Coming Home is coming soon, but only to mobile – it’s a Netflix exclusive.

Returnal is coming to PC

Time to fight the cycle with Seline on PC. No release date, but it’s “coming soon”. If you’re a PC gamer, don’t miss this. Here’s our PS5 review of Returnal.

There’s a Hellboy game in the works

Here’s a World Premiere of a brand new game: Hellboy: Web of Wyrd. Yes, a Hellboy game! It sports a pretty cool comic book art style – only fitting, really – and we don’t see much else other than Hellboy kicking the crap out of a werewolf. But we’re intrigued to see more.

A new look at Horizon VR

It’s not long until we get our hands on PSVR 2 (February, in case you forgot), and so we’ve got a wealth of new VR games to look forward to. One of which is Horizon VR: Call of the Mountain. The trailer was brief, but we’re excited enough.

A trailer for Post Trauma

We love a good horror game, and so this trailer caught our attention. We can’t tell you a great deal about it, other than it has Silent Hill vibes.

Puzzle game Viewfinder is looking mind-bending

Like to give your brain a workout? Then this should certainly do the trick. It’s coming to PS5.

Among Us is getting a new mode

Looks like multiplayer favourite Among Us is getting a new update. Game mode Hide and Seek is landing tomorrow, December 9th.

After Us is coming to PC and consoles in spring

This looks like a beautiful but challenging action-platformer adventure, and it’s coming to PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC in spring.

A new trailer for Replaced

Dark sci-fi adventure Replaced sports a unique art style, and if its gloomy trailer is anything to go by, it’s going to be seriously intriguing. It’s coming to Steam and Xbox in 2023.

Street Fighter 6 gets a snazzy new trailer

We’re already excited about Street Fighter 6 but another trailer won’t hurt. It’s a mixture of gameplay and CGI, and it’s rather snazzy. Plus: a release date! It’s coming on 2nd June 2023.

Phew. That’s a lot of stuff for a pre-show. That’s just got us warmed up. Here comes everything announced during the main part of The Game Awards 2022.

Hades developer Supergiant has a new game

A world premiere: a brand new game from Supergiant. You know, the studio behind Bastion and Hades. And it seems this is going to take us back to the world of Hades. We’re not going to complain about that. We’ve got a new character to get to know, but the gameplay looks very familiar. It’s simply called Hades II and early access is coming in 2023.

Judas looks like a Bioshock spiritual successor

From Ghost Story Games, a studio founded by the creator of Bioshock, here’s something brand new: Judas. It looks very much like a Bioshock spiritual successor, unsurprisingly, but we’re keen to see more. It’s coming to PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

We’re getting a Bayonetta prequel

Another Bayonetta game already? We’re as surprised as you, but Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon isn’t your typical Bayonetta action game. This is more of a top-down adventure game, sporting a rather beautiful art style, telling the story of a young Bayonetta before she became the witch we all know and love. It’s… different, but we’ll take it. It’s coming to Switch on 17th March 2023.

A new trailer for Destiny 2: Lightfall

The next major Destiny 2 update is on the way, and we’ve had a look at a brand new trailer. Sure, it looks like Destiny 2. But it looks a bit snazzier, with new combat moves to look forward to, some killer ninja feels, and more stuff that makes Destiny, well, Destiny. It’s out on 28th February.

A new trailer for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

We got a new trailer for Rocksteady’s upcoming Kill the Justice League. It’s a cinematic trailer, featuring a wealth of familiar faces – front and centre Harley Quinn, of course. Oh, and Batman. Voiced by none other than Kevin Conroy. No release date just yet, though.

Party Animals has a hilarious trailer

Party Animals is a party game where you and your friends, er, play as animals. It seems to pack in multiple modes, but the goal is more or less the same: slap the crap out of your friends. It looks hilarious, and it’s coming to PC and Xbox next year.

The Last of Us Part I is Coming to PC in March

That’s right: The Last of US Part I is coming to PC in March. There, we’ve said it twice. March 3rd to be precise. And if you look closely at the trailer, you’ll see a quote from us in there. Hooray!

Our first proper look at Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

A world premiere of “a long-awaited game”, according to Geoff. He’s not wrong: it’s Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the follow-up to Fallen Order. Once again, take up the role of Cal Kestis, and it looks like he might have some new Jedi tricks up his sleeve – including dual-wielding lightsabers. Fancy. It’s coming on 17th March.

Earthblade is a metroidvania coming in 2024

Earthblade looks like a 2D side-scrolling metroidvania, with a huge map to explore. There’s a long wait for this one, though: it’s not coming until 2024. But hey, at least we know about it.

Dune Awakening gets a new trailer

We got a new trailer for Dune Awakening, of course based on Dune. It’s an open world MMO, and it’s available to wishlist now on PC. As for a release date? We’re not sure.

Forspoken gets a demo on PlayStation

Square Enix’s upcoming Forspoken gets a new trailer – along with the news that a demo is available to play on PlayStation. It’s out next year, and so we’re eager to get a taste of what to expect. Log onto your PS5 to download it.

It’s a Kojima Productions trailer!

Here’s a new game from Kojima Productions. And the crowd goes wild. It’s of course Death Stranding 2. It’s a cinematic trailer, but it’s got our attention. And Norman Reedus makes a return, as expected, albeit with white hair this time around.

A trailer for Immortals of Aveum

Yet another world premiere: this time for a game called Immortals of Aveum. It looks pretty interesting – but we don’t have a whole lot of information about it just yet.

The first look at Tekken 8‘s gameplay

We got our first look at gameplay for the eighth instalment of Bandai Namco’s long-running fighting game franchise. It’s only a brief glimpse, but it looks as snazzy and bold as you’d expect. No release date just yet, though.

A new trailer for Nightingale

This was revealed earlier in the year, an open world PvE game about exploration, magic and crafting. The new trailer shows off a range of fearsome beasts you might come across, along with some fancy skills your character can possess – like floating around with an umbrella. It’s coming to PC, but we don’t have a release date.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is launching in August 2023

It’s been in early access for a good while, but Baldur’s Gate 3 is launching properly in August 2023. Still, quite a wait, but it’ll be here before we know, no doubt. We also got a look at a brand new trailer.

Wayfinder gets a new trailer

We got a new trailer for the upcoming Wayfinder. It looks rather generic, all told, but if you’re into multiplayer action games, it’s probably going to be worth your time. It’s coming to PS4, PS5 and Steam.

A trailer for Fire Emblem Engage

There’s a new trailer for Fire Emblem Engage, along with some details about its expansion pass. It’s coming on 20th January.

Diablo 4 gets a new trailer 

Introduced by a performance from Halsey, we got a new trailer for Diablo 4. Well, we say trailer: it’s a very elaborate and dramatic cinematic, but we’re here for it. And we have a release date! 6th June 2023. Get in our veeeiiinssss.

Horizon Forbidden West is getting DLC

A brand new trailer starring Aloy, flying around on the back of a giant mechanical bird-like creature. It’s introducing Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores, an expansion to the game coming 19th April.

Blue Protocol announced

A new multiplayer RPG by Bandai Namco in association with Amazon Games. Coming to PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC at some point next year.

Remnant II is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC

Ready for something action-packed? This trailer for Remnant II looks rather tasty. It’s coming to PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. No release date though.

There’s a new Transformers game in the works

The world premieres just keep on coming. This time, it’s Transformers: Reactivate, an action game set in the world of the popular franchise.

Company of Heroes 3 is coming to console

Yep, that’s it. There’s a console edition of Company of Heroes 3 in the works, and it’s coming next year.

Behemoth is coming to Meta Quest

Behemoth, a VR game coming to Meta Quest next year, is seemingly filled with, well, behemoths. That’s about all we can tell you. It does look rather cool, though.

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden has been announced

Here’s a new fantasy adventure published by Focus Entertainment. Looks like you’ll be hunting ghosts, though it doesn’t look like your typical spooky horror. It’s a third person action game, coming to PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC at the end of 2023. We’re intrigued to see more of this.

A new trailer for Warhammer 40K: Space Marine II

We can’t quite keep up with all the Warhammer 40K games and updates out lately, but we’ll happily take another. Especially a sequel to Space Marine. It’s coming in 2023.

Sign up for a Meet Your Maker beta

We got a trailer for Meet Your Maker, an intriguing-looking game with first-person shooting, with base-building and more. It’s coming to PC in April 2023.

There’s a Crash Bandicoot multiplayer game coming

A new Crash Bandicoot game! Before we all get too excited, though, it’s a head-to-head rumble game, called Crash Team Rumble. We’ll reserve judgement until we’ve seen more. It’s out next year on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

A new trailer for The Lords of the Fallen

We’re still not over the fact that a follow-up can simply stick ‘The’ in front of the title and be something completely new. Yes, following up from Lords of the Fallen is The Lords of teh Fallen. Not confusing at all. Anyway, the trailer looks suitably dark, with some truly freakish enemies. Definitely one for Soulslike fans. There’s no release date, but it’s coming to PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Crime Boss: Rockay City looks great fun

Want to take on the role of a crime boss? This star-studded action game – starring Kim Basinger, Danny Trejo, Michael Rooker and Vanilla Ice amongst others – has piqued our attention for looking wonderfully outlandish. Oh, it has Chuck Norris too! It’s out March 28th, 2023.

Our first look at Cyberpunk 2077‘s upcoming expansion

It’s Keanu Reeves! Here’s a trailer for Cyberpunk 2077’s upcoming expansion, Phantom Liberty. Idris Elba stars as a new character, who we can’t wait to learn more about.

Something new from From Software and Bandai Namco

Here’s something new from Bandai Namco… and From Software. It’s Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon. It’s coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC in 2023. Expect lots of mechs.

Rocket League is getting cosy for winter

Rocket League‘s next update is embracing chill, calming winter vibes with new relaxed game modes, lo-fi soundtrack and cosy decorations for your vehicles. It’s hardly your typical “cosy game”, but whatever.

Final Fantasy XVI gets a new trailer

Final Fantasy XVI is coming in 2023 and so, of course, we saw an action-packed new trailer. It’s suitably Final Fantasy-looking, with hooded people, big swords, giant monsters, and fiery beasts. There’s a release date, too: 22nd June. It’s probably our favourite trailer for it yet, and we’re looking forward to seeing more.

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