How to Complete The Fragmented Past in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Do you need help completing The Fragmented Past quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Here’s what you need to know.

The quest called ‘The Fragmented Past’ in Disney Dreamlight Valley is all about helping Buzz recover his memories. You’ll need to be friendship level six with Buzz Lightyear before you can start it – so if you need help levelling up quickly, see our helpful guide here. When you are level six friends, however, go talk to Buzz. He’ll ask you to follow him to the river in the Forest of Valor.

You’ll then need to look for a digging spot next to the river. Look for a glowing spot on the ground. We found it near to the steps leading up to Frosted Heights. You’ll dig up a memory: it looks like Buzz was in a fight with Scar! Go talk to Buzz about the memory, then go talk to Scar to see if he can remember anything.

Surprise, surprise: Scar won’t give you something for nothing. He wants you to cook him two meals before he tells you what he knows about Buzz’s memory. You’ll need to make Fish Soup and Tuna Burger. Thankfully, you’ll now have both of the recipes in your inventory.

Here’s what you’ll need to make both recipes:

  • Fish Soup: any fish, any vegetable, milk
  • Tuna Burger: tuna, onion, lemon, wheat, any vegetable

Take the meals back to Scar. He says Buzz wanted to be his friend, and searching his cave will get you proof. And so, head to Scar’s cave in the Sunlit Plateau. On the right hand side of the cave, you’ll find a fragment on the floor – it’s a Star Command Badge. Pick it up then talk to Buzz.

Head to the river in Sunlit Plateau to find the last fragment. This time, you’ll need to fish it out of the water. Look for a golden ripple: ours was just to the left of the bridge. You’ll find an old fishing rod – examine it in your inventory. Talk to Buzz again, then follow him to Scar and listen to their conversation. Talk to Buzz once more and you’re done.

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