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How to Heal in Dragon Quest Treasures

You’re probably going to take damage a lot in Dragon Quest Treasures, so you’re going to need to know how to heal. So: here’s how.

Both your character and your three party members will likely take damage often, particularly when you’re fighting against higher level monsters. It happens a lot: you’ll be on the hunt for treasure when all of a sudden you’re surrounded by monsters much higher level than you. Oh no! Thankfully, there are several ways to heal in Dragon Quest Treasures, and they’re all very easy.

How to heal yourself in Dragon Quest Treasures

Healing yourself is the easiest. Whenever you take damage, simply press and hold ‘X’. Your HP bar will quickly fill up. You’ll need to hold the button longer if you need to heal more. But get into the habit of doing it regularly, and there’s a good chance you’ll never die. Well, as long as you’re not up against a ridiculously tough enemy, that is.

Healing your party

When it comes to healing your party members in Dragon Quest Treasures, it’s a little more involved. You’ll need to use your slingshot and pellets. Press ‘ZR’ to draw out your slingshot, then ‘Y’ to select a different type of pellet. Use the d-pad to scroll across to ‘Heal Pellet’. You might have Heal Pellets, or you might have Midheal Pellet or something else. They do the same thing, but Midheal Pellets heal more than Heal Pellets, and so on.

To fully heal a party member, you’ll need to shoot multiple pellets at them. Once you’ve selected your pellet simply press ZR, aim at the monster you want to heal, then release.

How to heal everyone

To heal yourself and your party members all at once, you have two options. You either need to find a campfire to rest at, or head back to your home base. Doing both will instantly refill everyone’s HP.

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