How to Unlock Buzz and Woody in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Woody Buzz

The latest update has dropped in Disney Dreamlight Valley, introducing Buzz and Woody into the fray. But how do you unlock them?

Unlocking Buzz and Woody in Disney Dreamlight Valley is very easy. And it involves going to a new realm: that’s right – you get to visit Bonnie’s bedroom! All you’ll need to enter Bonnie’s bedroom is 7,000 Dreamlight. Hopefully you’ve got enough saved up, but if you haven’t got enough, you’ll first need to complete some Dreamlight Duties.

Upon entering the Toy Story realm, you’ll find Buzz Lightyear standing atop a platform. Walk up the slide to get to him. Talk to Buzz, and you’ll quickly find out he needs your help: he’s running out of batteries! You’ll need to search the room to find some. You’ll find one in front of the toy oven and another between Bonnie’s closet and bed. Return to Buzz when you’ve got them both.

Where to find the race car track pieces in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The next part of your task is to rescue Woody. It seems he’s been knocked out of the window, oh no! You need to pick up 10 pieces of race car track to proceed. Here’s where we found them all:

  • In front of the toy oven, next to a stack of books
  • Next to the toy oven, underneath the elevated race track
  • In the corner of the room near the toy oven, in front of a painting of clouds
  • Underneath the table that Buzz is standing on (x2)
  • In the next corner of the room, between two windows
  • In front of a drawer near the door
  • At the side of Bonnie’s bed nearest the door (x2)
  • Inside the closet

Where to find the Magic Growing Cactuses in Bonnie’s Room

Once you’ve got all track pieces, go and talk to Buzz again. He’ll task you with yet another search mission: this time for magic growing cactuses. They look like colourful air hockey pucks to us! Here’s where we found them:

  • By the ramp at the side of the toy oven
  • Next to the steps leading up to Buzz’s platform
  • In Bonnie’s closet
  • In the corner of the room next to the closet
  • In the opposite corner, underneath the two windows.

Once you’ve got all five cacti, you need to place them underneath three separate bits of track. These are all at the side of the room in front of the door. Once placed, water them with your watering can, and you’ll see the grown into toys that more resemble cacti. Talk to Buzz again. He’ll give you a toy car: walk to the ladder in front of the toy oven and it’ll kickstart a cutscene.

Where to find Bonnie’s drawings

Woody is now back in the room! Climb up on Bonnie’s bed to talk to him by the window. He and Buzz will tell you they need to reconstruct Bonnie’s farm. Your next task? Find Bonnie’s drawings that have gold stars on them. You’ll need to take pictures of them, so equip your camera with R2.

Here’s where we found Bonnie’s drawings:

  • Inside the shelving unit under the flower-shaped table where Buzz was first stood
  • Next to Bonnie’s bedside cabinet
  • Inside the closet
  • Hung on the wall next to the toy oven (we took this one standing on the flower-shaped table)

When you’ve found them, go back to Buzz.

Build Buzz’s RV in Dreamlight Valley

Your next step is to return to Dreamlight Valley and place Buzz’s home: an RV. You’ll need 10,000 coins to place it, so make sure you have enough money. (If you need help making fast money, read our helpful guide here.)

That’s it for how to get Buzz Lightyear in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Now, we need to go back to the Toy Story realm to get Woody, too.

Once you’re back in Bonnie’s room, talk to Woody. He’s now on the table where you first found Buzz. He’ll give you yet another search and find quest. Yay?

Find Ice Pop Sticks and Pipe Cleaners in Bonnie’s Room

For the next part of the quest, you’ll need to find Ice Pop Sticks and Pipe Cleaners in Bonnie’s Room. You can’t simply pick these up: you’ll need to use either your shovel or your pickaxe on them. Thankfully they’re easy to spot – you’ll looking for sticky lollipops on the floor, or balls of paper and paperclips. Use your pickaxe on the lollipops, and your shovel on the paper waste. They’re all easy enough to spot – just remember to look inside the closet, too.

When you’ve got them all, return to Woody. You’ll then need to head back to Dreamlight Valley to, first, find two yellow daisies and, second, talk to Buzz.

You’ll find yellow daisies in the Peaceful Meadow. Once you’ve picked two of them and got the glue from Buzz, it’s time to head back to Bonnie’s room to talk to Woody. Talk to him again once the farm has been constructed, and you’ll get – guess what – another search and find mission! This time you’re hunting down origami animals

Where to find origami animals in Bonnie’s Room

Here’s where you’ll find the origami animals. There are five altogether:

  • Elephant: near the floor-level track in front of the toy oven
  • Penguin: behind the stack of books next to the toy oven
  • Elephant: next to Bonnie’s rucksack by the door
  • Turtle: inside the closet
  • Butterfly: To the left of the white shelf, next to a picture of an Easter egg

Take them all to Woody and finally, thankfully, that’s the last part of the mission. All that’s left to do is return to Dreamlight Valley and place Woody’s house – a carousel. You’ll need another 10,000 coins for this one.

That’s it: you now have Woody and Buzz in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

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