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Is Marvel’s Midnight Suns a Card Game?

Marvel's Midnight Suns

Wondering if Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a card game? It’s a reasonable question if you’ve picked up on any of the game’s pre-release buzz.

Yes, Marvel’s Midnight Suns is from Firaxis, the company behind the XCOM reboot. But it’s not just XCOM: Enemy Unknown with superheroes, despite many peoples’ initial impressions. And yes, cards do figure into the game, so can you call Marvel’s Midnight Suns a card game?

It’s a tricky question, given that selecting and playing cards makes up a significant portion of the game. But no, Marvel’s Midnight Suns is not a card game. It is, however, a turn-based strategy game with a card-based combat system.

Allow us to explain. You play cards to deal out damage, selected by the computer from your current, character-based deck. If Iron Man isn’t in your party, Iron Man’s cards won’t appear in the deck. You deal cards to attack and those cards deal the damage on the card.

However, while you can have a character move round the battlefield, you usually do that for one of two reasons. You’re either bringing them closer to a throwable object or lining up an area attack. There is no cover system – there’s no hiding behind items to reduce damage.

Instead, if you want to shield a character from damage, you use a card to shield them, via a shield spell/skill. So there’s definitely strategy involved but, also, there’s a random factor thanks to the computer dealing you your cards.

So the answer to “Is Marvel’s Midnight Suns a card game?” is no, but it has card-based combat instead of XCOM-style combat.

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