Is Marvel’s Midnight Suns an Open World Game?

Marvel's Midnight Suns review

Marvel’s Midnight Suns features multiple characters from the world of Marvel. But is this turn-based game open world?

Is Marvel’s Midnight Suns open world? It’s a reasonable question. After all, it invites you to take on the forces of the evil and folds in characters and locations from various Marvel properties. But can you roam the world of Marvel freely? Can you swan over to Avengers Tower and poke around whenever you want?

The answer is, unfortunately, no. Marvel’s Midnight Suns is not open-world. The Abbey serves as your home base so you do have the freedom to roam in and around that location. And, as you might guess, there are secrets to be found so we encourage you to do that.

However, there’s no vast, or even mid-sized, open world to explore. You can’t just zip to Avengers Tower or the Sanctum Sanctorum whenever you choose. Also, while you are sent to several locations, you’re in battle so you don’t have the freedom to poke around.

Does this make Marvel’s Midnight Suns a bad game? Absolutely not. However, if you do really want to step into Iron Man’s suit and go roaming, we’d recommend LEGO Marvel Avengers (check out our review here). You can play as multiple characters and walk/fly around New York.

But is Marvel’s Midnight Suns an open world game? The answer is no.

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