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Lost Ark The Witcher Crossover

MMORPG Lost Ark is Joining Forces With The Witcher

Lost Ark, the Amazon-backed MMORPG that launched earlier this year, is crossing over with The Witcher.

It’s not the weirdest crossover we’ve seen – that honour falls to Smite’s Transformers crossover – but it’s certainly a curious move. The team-up kicks off this January, and will introduce an all-new island for Lost Ark players to explore and “…encounters with iconic characters from The Witcher”.

So, no, you’re not going to play as Geralt, Ciri, Yennifer or any of the game’s characters though you will be able to interact with them. Also, there’ll be a range of Witcher-themed cosmetics which makes us grin. Why? Because we’ve got this mental image of Geralt being surrounded by people cosplaying as him, all bothering him for an autograph.

Amazon and developer Smilegate plan on sharing more details of the crossover event his January. We’re sort of hoping that items from the Witcher TV series factor into this event. However, t’s a Netflix series and since Amazon has their own competing service we doubt it’ll happen.

Now we think about it, how about a Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power crossover? Sure, you’re never going to be play as Sauron in Fortnite but Lost Ark might be a better fit.

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