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Pentiment’s Soundtrack is Coming to Vinyl Next Year

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Want to fill you ears with Pentiment’s soundtrack? It’s available now on digital and coming next year to vinyl.

Yes, Obsidian’s ye olde detective game Pentiment does have a soundtrack. As we pointed out in our review, it uses music very sparingly but this album is well worth a listen. It’s the work of Alkemie, a medieval ensemble who spent the last three years working on the game’s soundtrack. What’s particularly impressive is that the group used period-appropriate to create the game’s music.

Unfortunately, it’s not available on Bandcamp, though you can find the band’s 2019 live album there. However, you can listen to it on Spotify, purchase it from iTunes and so on. It’s also available through Steam, priced at £6.37 (currently discounted by 25%).

There are a total of 37 tracks, which are as follows:

1 Title Screen
2 Title Sequence
3 City of Reason
4 Rüdeger’s Rehearsal
5 Piero’s Pride
6 Sister Amalie’s First Vision
7 The Body
8 Flight From the Library
9 Andreas’ Farewell
10 The Parting
11 Andreas’ Return
12 Otto Addresses the Town
13 Sister Amalie’s Second Vision
14 Otto at the Bonfire
15 City of Melancholy
16 Melencholia Enthroned
17 Saint John’s Eve Adaptation of “Karitas” by Hildegard von Bingeon [1098-1179]
18 The Second Body
19 The Mob Pursues the Abbot
20 A Deer’s End
21 Rüdeger’s Comfort
22 The Duke’s Herald
23 The Duke’s Forces
24 Esther Arrives
25 A Miller’s End
26 Vis Major
27 Pagan Pottery
28 The Mithraeum
29 A Shadowy Figure
30 Sic arsit historia kiersis
31 Song for Christmas Feast
32 Out of the Shadows
33 City of Madness
34 Carcer Mentis
35 Manu Propria
36 The Thread Puller
37 Ein Traum

There’s also a vinyl version of the album in the works, which will be available next year. In the meantime, Pentiment is available on Xbox and PC, through Game Pass or £14.99 when purchased separately.

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