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Sonic Frontiers is Getting a Santa Suit and a Year’s Worth of Free Updates

Sonic Frontiers Cheer Suit

Sega isn’t done with Sonic Frontiers and has big plans Sonic’s open-world adventure.

As revealed by the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account, Sonic Frontiers will be getting three free updates over the course of the next year. There’s no precise date for these updates, but we assume they’ll be spaced out over the course of the year.

The first update will include new challenge modes, a jukebox mode and the oh-so-important photo mode, letting you freeze time and snap picture of Sonic the Hedgehog’s exploits. The second update will introduce an “open zone challenge”, and a new Koco, to give you something new to hunt for.

The final update will include playable characters and a new story. There are several familiar Sonic characters in Sonic Frontiers but, right now, they’re not playable. So, fingers crossed, late next year you’ll be able to scale walls as Knuckles or soar around as Tails.

That’s coming next year. But this month, coming December 21st, Sega will be adding the Holiday Cheer Suit to the game. Thanks to this new outfit you can run around dressed as Santa, minus the beard. Sega hasn’t revealed if that costume will be available all year round but we hope it is. What’s the point of July if you can’t put on a Santa hat and confuse the hell out of everyone who meets you? The three updates will also include character skins, Sega has confirmed.

If you’ve not picked up Sonic Frontiers, you can read our review to see whether it’s worth diving into. The game is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch and PC. And if you’ve already got it, check out our Sonic Frontiers guides here.

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