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Subnautica’s Living Large Update Patch Takes its Cues From Below Zero

Subnautica Living Large Update
Image: Unknown Worlds Entertainment

The new “Living Large” Subnautica update patch takes features from Subnautica: Below Zero and adds them to the original watery survival game.

So if you haven’t played Subnautica in a while, you’ve got a new reason to dive back in (sorry). If you haven’t played it at all, you should absolutely take the plunge (we lied, we’re not sorry). As suggested by the name and confirmed by the patch notes, the Living Large update patch lets you build a little bigger.

You can now construct the Large Room, Glass Dome, and surface hatches, items previously only available in Subnautica: Below Zero, the game’s frosty sequel. It’s certainly a smart move on developer Unknown Worlds Entertainment’s part.

Why? Because while Below Zero is still a great game, we marginally prefer the wider, more open spaces of the original. So it makes sense to add these bigger buildings to the original Subnautica. We’re still looking forward to Subnautica 3, or whatever it turns out to be called, but this is definitely going to have us revisiting the original.

However, that’s not the only change this Subnautica update patch introduces. There’s a long list of changes – you can browse the patch notes here. However, the most notable changes are as follows:

  • Performance has been tweaked
  • There are new accessibility features
  • There’s now a run mode
  • Subtitles sync properly
  • Control mapping has been improved.

Aside from that there are multiple bug fixes. You can check out our review of Subnautica here where we remarked that it “frightens, amazes, and surprises all at the same time”. Yes, there’s a lot of joy in discovering the depths, but there are scary things down there too. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve seen YouTubers jump out of their skin, you’ll be in for a shock too.

Both Subnautica and Subnautica: Below Zero are available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

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