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Tetris The Grand Master Arcade Archives

Tetris The Grand Master Drops Onto PlayStation and Switch Today

Frenetic puzzler Tetris The Grand Master is hitting Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 today.

If, at this point, you’re wondering what the hell Tetris The Grand Master is, we don’t blame you. Most people will have heard of Tetris, which has you slotting together falling blocks. But the game, one of the toughest entries in the series, didn’t get a release outside of Japan.

It remained an arcade exclusive and even when it made the leap to the Xbox 360 it still remained a Japan-only 360 games. Well, emulation aside, anyway. Now, thanks to HAMSTER co, it’s come to the West. And, given that it supports two players, you can share your humiliation with another Tetris-head.

It’s part of the Arcade Archives series and, as a neat bonus, it will let you rank your performance on a global scoreboard. The two player mode seems to be offline only but, unlike Puyo Pop, Tetris has generally been more of a solo experience.

One of our favourite things about Tetris is trying to get a “Tetris”, clearing four lines at a time. We’ve come a cropper on several occasions, all because we were trying to show off. We’re certainly eager to see Joe YouTuber tackle Tetris The Grand Master and then realise they’re completely out of their depth.

Tetris The Grand Master is out now on PlayStation 4 and should arrive on Nintendo Switch later today, priced at £5.79/$7.99. Or if you want a more trippy version of Tetris, check out our Tetris Effect: Connected review. 

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