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Disney Dreamlight Valley Missions in Uncharted Space

The Latest Disney Dreamlight Valley Patch Notes are Here

With a name like Missions in Uncharted Space, it’s pretty clear what new content will be coming to Disney Dreamlight Valley. Yes, it’s Mickey vs the Alien.

We’re kidding, of course. Because while the latest Disney Dreamlight Valley patch notes don’t confirm their arrival, it’s almost certain that today’s content update will add Toy Story’s Buzz and Woody.

Why are we so sure? Because new key art, tweeted out by the official Disney Dreamlight Valley account, prominently features the pair, alongside an appearance from Stitch. Plus, it’s previously been confirmed that this Disney life-sim was Toy Story content some time in Autumn. We’re well into Winter but you can bet your last snowball that Woody and Buzz will be arriving in the game later today.

However, while developer and publisher Gameloft has yet to publicly announce these new arrives, the company has confirmed some of the fixes and tweaks the new update will bring. You can find the full patch notes here but the highlights include:

  • The game is now more stable on all platforms
  • Kristoff’s stall has a wider range of items
  • Removed the dried plant VFX as it was affecting performance
  • Various other effects/features have been tweaked to boost performance
  • “Buffed critter stomachs to allow for even more treat sharing.” We think that speaks for itself
  • Your avatar now actually looks at the camera in selfie mode

The biggest takeaway from the patch notes is that the game should not only be more stable, it should run more smoothly than before. The game is, technically, still in beta, but performance improvements are always welcome.

The Missions in Uncharted Space update will arrive later today, so you won’t have long to wait to find out whether the Toy Story do touchdown today. We just hope you appreciate our restraint in not peppering this article with “Woody” jokes. The sacrifices we make for our art…

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