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Sector's Edge

This Sector’s Edge Clip is Ridiculous and We Want More

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Sector’s Edge, a fully-destructable FPS, has shown off its mechanics by driving a train through the middle of a level.

We’ve dabbled in Sector’s Edge, which is currently in Early Access, and come away suitably impressed. It blends multiplayer FPS action with Teardown-style destruction, letting you bring whole buildings crashing down.

Whether you actually get to bring buildings down is another question entirely. Yes, you can do so in the tutorial but, given that other people are trying to murder you, it may be a bit trickier in regular PvP gameplay.  But you can certainly blow up staircases and the like, denying players access to sniping spots.

In short, we can see is final, free-to-play incarnation being a lot of fun. What we weren’t able to predict was that developer Vercidium would release a clip showing a train smashing through the level. Yes, it’s there to show off the game’s destruction gameplay, but we absolutely want it to be a permanent game feature.

Sure, spamming train after train would be a problem. But let us have a custom match where, once per match, each player can summon their own locomotive. In danger of having your head divorced from your shoulders? Spawn a train and, while your opponent is gawping, use it as cover to reach safety.

If nothing else, we have our fingers crossed that someone will mod this facility into the final game. In the meantime, you can play Sector’s Edge right now – it’s free to play on PC, via Steam, and will remain so post-release.

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