What Difficulty Should You Play Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion On?

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion Review 4

Previously only playable on PSP, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII can now be enjoyed on a range of modern formats, too.

Prequel to the legendary PlayStation RPG, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII puts players in the shoes of SOLDIER member Zack Fair who gets caught up in the fallout of shady Shinra experiments. The new Reunion edition, available on consoles and PC, keeps the story exactly how it was, but dramatically modernises the game’s visuals and improves its combat system. When you begin to play it, however, you might be wondering what difficulty you should select.

There are only two difficulty levels for you to choose from in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, so thankfully you won’t have to agonise over your choice too much. Normal difficulty doesn’t represent much of a challenge for the most part, but there are some bosses that might cause you trouble. Regardless, this should be the choice for most players unless they’re really into achievements / trophies or want a challenge.

With an achievement / trophy being awarded for completing the game on Hard, those looking to fully complete Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion might want to jump in at the deep end. Most won’t find it overly challenging, especially if they learn to master the game’s combat system. And thanks to 300 optional mission being available, there’s plenty of opportunity to level up and gain new Materia that will make your time with the game easier.

If you’re just playing Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion for its story, then, Normal difficulty will serve you well. But if you’re aiming to fully complete it in just one playthrough, you might want to start on Hard and see how you go. You can always lower the difficulty later if it proves too hard for you.

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