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What Difficulty Should You Play Need For Speed Unbound On?

Need for Speed Unbound 2 (1)

Wondering what difficulty you should play Need for Speed Unbound on? Here’s what you need to know.

The latest Need for Speed game is here, and with it, we’re jumping back into the high-octane world of street racing. With an all-new art style and a hot roster of performance cars, it might just be the best Need for Speed game yet. But the question is: what difficulty should you play Need for Speed Unbound on?

Need for Speed Unbound has three difficulty options, and you’ll need to choose one before you jump in for the first time. There’s ‘Relaxed’, ‘Challenging’ and ‘Intense’, which essentially translate to ‘easy’, ‘medium’ and ‘hard’. Let’s learn a little more about each difficulty option:

Need for Speed Unbound difficulty options

  • RelaxedNeed for Speed Unbound describes this as a “less challenging experience”. Players will have 150% health, 10 opportunities to restart, and cops and rivals will be less challenging.
  • Challenging: According to EA, this is designed for players with some experience of the Need for Speed franchise. Players have 100% health, four opportunities to restart, and cops/rivals will be ‘challenging’.
  • Intense: The hardest difficulty level in Unbound, this is one designed for the most experienced players. Players will only have 60% health, and cops/rivals are ‘very challenging’.

So: if you like a challenge, then you’ll be tempted to opt for Intense difficulty. If you do: good luck! Need for Speed Unbound is a very unforgiving game, and even on ‘Relaxed’ mode, we find that rivals and cops put up a good fight. In other words, even on the easiest difficulty, it isn’t a walk in the park.

The good news is that there’s no achievements/trophies tied to difficulty. So no matter which of the three you opt for, you can still attain them all. You can also switch difficulty on the fly at any point by heading into the main menu – so you’re not stuck with your first choice.

We’d recommend that most players stick with ‘Relaxed’ mode. If you’re finding it too easy, you can turn it up. But chances are, you’ll still have your work cut out for you as you learn the nuances of each car you’re racing in.

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