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WRC’s Generations’ Latest Patch Lets You Go Sticker-Happy

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WRC Generations has a new patch that corrects a significant issue with the game.

Well, maybe it’s not so significant if you bought WRC Generations to just, you know, drive around and race people. But if, on the other hand, you wanted to cover your car with a ludicrous amount of livery, the patch could be crucial to your efforts.

“Fixed an issue when exceeding 255 stickers in editor”, the patch notes read. And, it has to be said, we’re impressed. Sure, it’s cool that developer Kylotonn fixed this bug, but we’re impressed players used enough stickers to highlight the issue.

If that number sounds familiar it’s because 255 is the size of a byte, which is itself a unit of memory size. It may be a complete coincidence but it seems as if hitting that number was doing the game no favours. Now that issue’s been fixed, sticker-happy racers can go wild with their livery, which you just know they’ll see as a challenge.

So what else does the patch fix? You can find the WRC Generations patch notes here, but here are some of the notable fixes.

  • Fixed an issue that meant TRC – traction control – was losing players power at low speed.
  • The lowest league is now called “Amateur” instead of “Beginner”
  • The game now supports NVIDIA DLAA and DLSS, provided you have a compatible card.
  • PS5 Dualsense settings work properly.

We reviewed WRC Generations when it launched in October, remarking that it was a “…good rally game. A great one, even.” We also expressed reservations over its lack of innovation but if you’re getting a kick out of it this update could be welcome. The patch,, is available now for PC and will be coming to consoles in January.

WRC Generations is out now on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch.

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