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Lost Ark Witcher Crossover

A Lost Ark / Witcher Crossover Starts Next Week

Free-to-play MMORPG Lost Ark is crossing over with The Witcher games next week, and there are goodies to be had.

Developer Smilegate and publisher Amazon previously announced the Lost Ark / Witcher crossover in December, though details were a little scarce. They did reveal that you won’t be playing as Geralt, Yennifer, Triss or any of that franchise’s characters. Instead, they’ll essentially be guest NPCs who you’ll be able to interact with.

Now,  we know when the crossover is happening and some of the rewards that’ll be on offer. It’ll take place between January 18th and February 22nd, so you’ll have over a month to acquire some Witcher-related items. They won’t be gone in a matter of days – yes, we’re looking at you, Fortnite and Fall Guys.

So what then, is on offer? Here are some of the rewards you can bag:

  • In-game Witcher cards
  • Witcher hairstyles for your character
  • Witcher jukebox songs
  • Witcher emotes
  • Witcher weapon skins

So how do you earn these? There’ll be a new island, unlocked by speaking to the Guild Investigator, found in major cities. That island will have its own main quest, plus there’ll be daily quests to tackle. And the rewards should stick around once the event is done, so you can proudly waltz around with Geralt’s grey mane.

There’s no corresponding event taking place in The Witcher 3 – it’s all happening in Lost Ark. You can find out more from the the official crossover page. And if this is enough to tempt you to play Lost Ark, you can download it for free from Steam.

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