A Plague Tale: Requiem Now Has Ray-Tracing on PC

A Plague Tale Requiem Review 1 (1)

The PC version of A Plague Tale: Requiem has new ray-tracing features, to make your game just a little prettier.

That’s assuming your PC’s got the power, otherwise you’ll be sticking with the regular graphics options. And you’ll also need the latest A Plague Tale: Requiem PC patch, out now. But if you do have a reasonably meaty PC you can now enable ray-traced shadows and ambient occlusion from A Plague Tale: Requiem’s settings.

That might sound unnecessary, given that you’re fleeing rats for a significant portion of the game. But the game does give you enough breathing room to appreciate its scenery. On top of that, with ray-tracing enabled your gloomy photo-mode snaps should look even grimmer. How grim? Let’s just say that some of the in-game selfies we took aren’t for the faint of heart.

This feature has been added in the latest patch, which is available now. There are other bug-fixes included, though developer Asobo Studio’s patch notes are a little thin on the ground. We’ve not encountered any horrific game-breaking bugs (just rats), so you can expect a range of lesser tweaks and fixes.

And if you’ve not played it yet, the console version is currently around 25% off on both the PlayStation and Xbox stores. It’s also free to play via Xbox Game Pass – read our review to learn why this rat-laden stealth action game is absolutely worth your time. Don’t count on a sequel, though – without spoiling too much, this second game brings things neatly to a close.