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Bayonetta 3’s Latest Patch Makes it a Little Easier

Finding Bayonetta 3 a little tough? There’s good news and bad news about the latest patch.

The good news is that the latest Bayonetta 3 patch makes this Nintendo Switch exclusive easier. The bad news is that it only makes it a little easier. But, unlike most of From Software’s games, Bayonetta 3 has multiple difficulty levels, including a casual difficulty level. So even if you can’t beat Dark Souls with your eyes closed, there’s still plenty of fun to be had.

Instead, this patch’s difficulty changes are more subtle. Developer Platinum Games has, presumably, taken a look at the witch-based action game and felt that the difficulty needed just a little tweak.

Specifically, they’ve tweaked the difficulty of the game’s challenge-based Niflheim Stages. Some stages now feature an extra life, while others give players more time. The changes apply to all difficulty levels and while those stages should still be challenging, victory should be fractionally more obtainable.

So what else does Bayonetta 3 Patch 1.20 change? You can read the full patch notes here but these are some of the more interesting/useful changes.

  • Viola now has more Witch Time
  • It’s easier to collect the Tricoloured Keys
  • If Viola blocks too much, Witch Time is reduced.
  • If you’re summoning Devils and Butterflies, you can now cancel out of the summon.
  • Poor camera visibility has been addressed.

We’re particularly glad to see that last fix implemented. We enjoyed Bayonetta 3 but one of the things we addressed in our review was the game’s camera problems. The patch, which launched today, should auto-download, or prompt you to download it, next time you launch the game while online.

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