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Bloodborne Kart Adds its Latest Racer, Eileen the Crow

Bloodborne Kart Eileen the Crow

Bloodborne Kart, currently under development, has announced its new racer, Eileen the Crow.

Will Bloodborne Kart ever get a release? Probably, yes, given that developer Lilith Walther has already published the excellent Bloodborne PSX. In short, it’ll be done when it’s done. But, like Duke Smoochem,Β  half the fun is just watching the project come to life.

Why? Because Bloodborne is, for the most part, a lore-heavy, super serious affair so watching this From Software action RPG get turned into a kart racer gives us a big grin. And now, Eileen the Crow has been added to the racer’s roster.

If you’ve not played Bloodborne, you might be scratching your head at that name. She’s an aging Hunter who’s tasked with killing Hunters who’ve turned to the dark side. Yes, there’s shades of Hot Shots: Part Deux’s “The men who went in to get the men who went in to get the men”, but someone has to do it.

You can watch Eileen in action below. Yes, that’s a mask – she’s not got a long, pointy chin though, now we think about it, we’d be totally on board with that too. Aside from blasting opponents, she also uses her twin blades to deal out some damage. Think Mario Kart’s shells are bad? Bloodborne Kart promises to be even more chaotic.

You can follow Walther on Twitter and contribute to the game’s development through her Patreon.

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