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Bloody Black-and-White Shooter OTXO Launches this April

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OTXO, a fast-paced bloody top-down shooter, arrives on PC this April.

That’s OTXO – we’ve typed OXO at least three times writing this and it’s taken all our willpower not to turn this into a string of Lynda Bellingham jokes. Beef stock puns aside, OTXO resembles a black-and-white Hotline Miami, albeit a slightly more forgiving one.

That’s not to say OTXO won’t be complete mayhem. You’re tasked with blasting your way into a mansion, after a loved one has been taken. Between the gore and the creaky halls, we’re also getting a bit of a Splatterhouse vibe from this top-down shooter.

The odds might not be good but the game’s slo-mo should give you a reasonable chance of finding.. someone? Aside from the drive to rescue someone, your character isn’t entirely sure how they got there. Yes, it’s “guess the ending” time, but we won’t risk spoiling things by sharing out theories.

OTXO is the latest game from Super Rare Games as part of their Super Rare Originals label. It’s from Lateralis, the developer of the excellent Dogworld, so it should be rather good. It’s set for a PC release, though going by previous Super Rare Originals, we wouldn’t be surprised if it hits consoles late down the line.

You can check out the trailer above, wishlist OTXO (apparently pronounced oh-cho) on Steam and pick it up on PC this April 20th.

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