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Dead By Daylight’s 6.5.0 PTB Patch Notes Reveal Some Big Changes

Dead by Daylight’s latest PTB update features some exciting changes, as the patch notes reveal.

PTB stands for Public Test Build so, while the patch is currently available to test, it’s not part of the “main” game. You can opt to test it, but you do so at your own risk. However, based on the patch notes, this Dead by Daylight update features some welcome overhauls.

This patch, 6.5.0, not only tweaks the asymmetric multiplayer murder-em-up’s killers, it features some survivor-assisting changes. Bots, too, should be easier to get along with. Bots were recently added to the game but they have the odd issue or two.

So what’s new? An awful lot, in fact – you can read the full Dead by Daylight patch notes here. But we’ve cherry-picked some of the most interesting or surprised changes.

  • The survivor hud now shows what your teammates are up to, whether that’s they’re repairing a generator, running away from a killer and so forth. This is a big one, since it should make it easier to co-ordinate with your teammates.
  • You can browse the in-game store while in the lobby and if you buy something, the game won’t start – within reason- until the transaction is done. Let’s face it, developer Behaviour Interactive must have worked out it was losing out on sales.
  • Wiggling to escape is no longer just button-mashing based. Instead, you have a skill-based sweet-spot style system.
  • Bots won’t get stuck in thin air.
  • The Knights guards can now reach survivors faster.
  • The Nurse now has her own theme music.

There are a wealth of bug fixes as well, covering all platforms, PC, Switch, Xbox and PlayStation. However,  you won’t be testing those last three just yet, because the PTB is only available via Steam. And if you want to know how to access the PTB, click here.

The patch will likely hit the main version of the game, console and PC, over the next month or two. Dead by Daylight is free on Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus and is available for purchase on Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

How to access Dead by Daylight’s Public Test Build


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