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Dead Island 2 Dani Slayer

Dead Island 2’s Latest Slayer Trailer Highlights Dani

Dead Island 2 has a new trailer, highlighting Dani, another one of its zombie-kicking slayers.

She’s a retail assistant, so she’s probably got a lot of aggression to unleash on the shambling corpses that roam Dead Island 2. The trailer doesn’t have her screeching “Here’s your damn refund!” as she slaughters the undead, but it’s a fair bet that’s what’s going through her head. We’ve had the misfortune of working a few sales and it was eerily reminiscent of Dawn of the Dead.

Dani is also Irish. Apparently. We say that because while most of her lines in the trailer are spoken with a convincing Irish accent, but there’s also another line, slap bang in the middle, that’s 100% American. Maybe she’s really from Minnesota and she just really, really likes watching Father Ted. Wherever she’s from this “rockabilly brawler” is more than capable of kicking decaying zombie ass, as the trailer shows.

You can catch the age-restricted and non work-safe trailer here. And, if you missed it, you can also watch the trailer for slayer/exotic dancer Ryan here. The game itself is set for an April release, if you can believe it, so you can expect to see more Slayer trailers between now and then. Yes, it’s been delayed by three months but this long-in-the-works zombie game is actually happening. Have we just jinxed it? We sincerely hope not.

Dead Island 2 arrives this April 28th, coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.




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