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Deadpool Kicks Ass in This New Midnight Suns DLC Trailer

Midnight Suns Deadpool DLC

Wondering what Deadpool will get up to in Midnight Suns? A new trailer sheds some light on his bottom-kicking activities.

The last trailer for Midnight Suns’ Deadpool DLC featured plenty of wisecracks, as you might expect. But, this time around, the trailer reveals how this turn-based strategy game’s new fighter actually plays. And the answer is .. pretty much how you’d expect, really.

Yes, he’s a silly, silly man but he’s also hyper-violent and capable of dealing some real damage. And his anti-hero status means he’s not all that reliant on Hero Points. Instead, he has his own En Fuego stack which he can employ. The more enemies he KOs with his abilities, the higher that stack gets.

He specialises in delivering massive damage to single foes and applying an area attack to big groups. The difference is that, in the latter case, upgrading his power doesn’t dial up the damage. Instead, the area gets bigger and given that some foes just take on hit to dispatch that could be very, very useful.

But hang on.. what about his infamous healing abilities? Curiously, these are initially locked away. You have to interact with him out of combat and, when you’ve satisfied the appropriate criteria, he’ll heal a little ever turn. Could this make him the last fighter standing? Not necessarily – he heals a max of 20% per turn so it’ll still be possible for enemies to take him out.

You can check out the full trailer above, complete with commentary explaining the various abilities. Deadpool joins Midnight Suns this January 26th as paid DLC for the game, available separately or as part of the game’s season pass.

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