Deckbuilding Golf Game Golfie Leaves Early Access

Golfie Full Release

Golfie, a blend of golf, deck-builder and roguelike, has left Steam Early Access.

Yes, that’s quite the combination but Golfie isn’t the only game to go wild with the sport. Last year saw the release of both Golf Gang and Turbo Golf Racing – who knows what this year’s releases will bring. Low-Gravity Lacrosse, maybe?

We got our hands on Golfie last year and while we weren’t hooked, it definitely had potential. Developer Triheart Studio has leant into the multiplayer aspects of the game, with the full 1.0 release adding multiplayer for up to 8 .. golfers.. golfiers?  So, aside from single player mode, you can infuriate other players with your card choices.

And we do mean infuriate – the trailer shows one player spawning a spring right on top of the golf hole. Its sends the other player’s ball flying and we can only imagine the joypad-hurling rage that moment lead to. It’s not advisable to go in just trying to annoy people, but the prospect still makes us grin.

Golfie is available on PC right now, via Steam. It’s been verified for Steam Deck and while there’s no split-screen we’re not sure you’d want to be sitting next to someone whose run you’ve just ruined. It’s priced at £14.99/$17.99 with a launch discount of 25%, making it £11.24/$13.49.