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Dicey Dungeons

Dicey Dungeons Rolls Onto PlayStation Next Week

Dicey Dungeons, a roguelike dungeon crawler which casts you as a sentient dice, is coming to PlayStation next week.

Dicey Dungeons began life as one of developer Terry Cavanagh’s game jam projects and after hitting the PC rolled onto Xbox, Switch and even mobiles. It sports an off-the-wall retro soundtrack, courtesy of musician Chipzel, with art by artist/game dev Marlowe Dobbe. And now it’s coming to PlayStation 4 and 5.

We reviewed the PC version of Dicey Dungeons back in 2021 and were suitably impressed by it. Yes, you can be one of several classes, though you wouldn’t think a giant talking dice could pull off stealth. We concluded by remarking that it was “.. a brilliant rogue-like deck-building game full of humour, hard-as-nails gameplay and plenty of replayability.”

Perhaps the most notable thing about the game is how, despite the whole being-a-dice thing, changing your class switches up its mechanics. Play as the Robot, for example, and you’ll find yourself employing your blackjack skills to get ahead. Chance is definitely a significant factor but not so much that you’ll be hurling your joypad at the TV.

Dicey Dungeons‘ PlayStation incarnation will come with the free Reunion DLC, which adds six extra episodes. Sadly, there’s no ridiculously expensive Collector’s Edition, though Super Rare Games do still have physical copies of the Switch version.

Dicey Dungeons arrives digitally on the PlayStation 4 and 5 this February 6th, priced at $14.99.

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