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Don't Nod New Game

Don’t Nod Teases a New Narrative Game With a Retro Twist

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Don’t Nod are working on a new narrative game, according to the developer’s recent job posting.

“Here’s a little glimpse of what #DontNodMontreal is brewing! Does it bring back childhood memories?” reads this Don’t Nod Twitter post. The tweet is accompanied by a rendered picture of a very retro-looking basement, complete with a VHS player and an N64 style console.

Could we be looking at a new Life is Strange? It’s possible, though given that most of the series takes place in the modern day we’re hedging our bets. This, on the other hand, has a very 80s feel – a little Stranger Things, minus Discount Voldemort.

We are looking for talents to join the team in Montréal on this new narrative game,” the Tweet continues. Narrative adventures are very much the company’s thing, not least since they kicked off the Life is Strange series.

Deck Nine has also been responsible for two of the Life is Strange games, so either company could end up being responsible for the next entry. Or we could be looking at an unrelated game. Either way, we have our fingers crossed that you can actually play that in-game console.

You can head over to the official Don’t Nod site to explore the jobs on offer. Most of the positions look to support remote work though as far as the mystery game goes, the job descriptions are no more illuminating than Don’t Nod’s original tweet.

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