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Fortnite Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Brawlers Son Gohan and Piccolo Have Joined Fortnite

Fortnite has once again joined forces with Dragon Ball, with Son Gohan and Piccolo joining the game as skins.

The two properties previously crossed over last year, with fighters Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, and Bulma joining the free online battle royale. This time around, Son Gohan and Piccolo (from Dragon Ball Super) will be lending their images to Fortnite.

The former, named for his grandfather, is the son of hero Goku and the latter is a reincarnated demon king. No, you might not think those two would work together but, as is often the case in Dragon Ball, former enemies become friends. And, provided you’ve got the V-Bucks, you can dress as one of the two.

Sadly, you can’t fling fireballs at your leisure. But Battle Royale matches will feature the “Kamehameha” pick-up which can be unleashed on a foe. It does sound very cool, though we’re wondering just how many people will sacrifice a potential victory just to pick it up.

Both the characters and the pick-ups are available now. Plus, the special Dragon Ball Adventure island features some familiar locations from the various Dragon Ball shows. Like the characters, you can expect this location to be available for a limited time. This is the second time it’s popped up so if you’re a fan, you should probably go for a roam.

You can find out more from the official Fortnite site, and pick the game up on Xbox, PlayStation, PC or Switch. Or if you’d prefer some more straight forward Dragon Ball brawling, check out Dragon Ball Fighter Z.

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