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Final Fantasy XIV’s 6.3 Patch Notes Are Here

Final Fantasy XIV’s latest patch is just four days away and, to give players a taste of what’s on the way, Square Enix have released the preliminary patch notes.

These Final Fantasy XIV patch notes reveal there are an awful lot of changes, tweaks and even new quests arriving in this MMORPG. Though if you’re looking for those quotes, the notes are a little cagey about what you need to do to unlock them. That does make sense, though – we can just imagine a horde of Final Fantasy XIV players descending upon the one NPC who could kick off a new endeavour. That, or trying to skip the quest chain.

There are multiple UI changes as well, aimed at making the game easier to get to grips with. Sure, it’s not particular impenetrable but there’s a lot of content in Final Fantasy XIV. It originally launched in 2010, before being overhauled and re-released as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. And now, several expansions packs later, it’s got over 40 million registered players.

So what changes can players look forward to? The list is absolutely massive and you can check out the full patch notes here. But we’ve cherry-picked some of the highlights, which you can find below.

  • Players can now swim in upper La Noscea.
  • Nine main story quests have been added, each leading on from the last.
  • Character portraits appear during 3.x quest battle dialogue.
  • There are new Chronicles of a New Era quests.
  • “In the FATE “Steel Reign,” Odin’s level will be fixed at 50″. This fix definitely makes us grin. Having enemies scale with characters will always be contentious, but from the sound of things Odin overscaled, creating what Square Enix calls “an unanticipated increase in difficulty”.

  • The company workshop now has new craftable items.
  • Twelve new wards have been added per district, giving players a chance of purchasing them.
  • There are new fish in the in-game aquariums.
  • You can buy seeds for Morning Glory, a new plant. Insert your own Oasis joke here.

You can find the full Final Fantasy XIV patch notes here, but it’s worth noting that not all the content applies to all players. Why? Because, as noted in the, er, notes, some of the fixes address issues with some of the expansion packs. There’s a key on the page that should make it relatively easy to see which changes will affect you.

The patch should arrive this January 10th. The game is available on PC, PlayStation and Mac. And if MMOs are your thing, check out our list of the best MMOs on PlayStation – Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is number 3.

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