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Fortnite Graveheart Outfit

Fortnite Goes Goth With the Graveheart Outfit

This new Fortnite skin, Graveheart, is ridiculous and fantastic in equal measure.

Sure, that’s true of a lot of Fortnite costumes, especially when someone’s emoting Get Schwifty. But the Graveheart outfit – out now – is especially cool and, thanks to its dark angel motif, also puts us in mind of the recent Saints Row reboot.

You can purchase the outfit as is (this is paid content) or, for 1,500 V-Bucks, get the Silver Dirge wrap, Wings of Woe back bling and Plumed Talon pickaxe, dubbed the Memento Mori set. Yes, Epic have uncoupled the wings from the outfit, which seems a bit cheeky, but we can maybe overlook that given how stylish this whole ensemble outfit is.

There’s also an airier, less gloomy counterpart to this set, the Ghostlight outfit. It’s essentially the same only Epic have dialled back on the black and thrown a little more glitter on there. You can also mix and match outfit parts, so there’s nothing to stop you putting those pink and white wings on Boba Fett.

Well, we say nothing, but there is one catch. Like most Fortnite skins, you can expect the Ghostlight and Graveheart to be available for a limited in time. In other words, if you don’t snap them up now they may disappear, never to return. Or, more likely, Epic will bring them back at some future unspecified point.

Whether it’s worth spending real money to acquire these costumes is up to you. Sadly, there’s no male equivalent of the Ghostlight/Graveheart outfits, but we have our fingers crossed Epic’s next batch of costumes will fix that.

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