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Genshin Impact Has its Own Paris Art Exhibition

Genshin Impact is popular, there’s no doubt about that, but now the MMORPG has its own art exhibition.

Titled “Endless Adventure in Teyvat”, the Genshin Impact exhibition takes place in the Galerie Joseph in Paris. It’s running right now up until the 10th of January. Yes, that might be a little late to get plane tickets, but if you live in London and can hop on the Eurostar it could be worth checking out.

The exhibition isn’t just a collection of screenshots we’re happy to say. There’s concept art, soundtracks and much more. It’ll also delve into the making of the game and how developer miHoYo pulled together the whole JRPG aesthetic.

There are also set to be life-size replicas of characters, which definitely won’t end up in the back of someone’s truck, honest. Plus there’s live footage of the game’s music being performed and, on top of that, fan art. Don’t worry, the exhibition is “suitable for visitors of all ages”. Little Billy isn’t going to wander in and see wall-to-wall Rule 34.

You can find out more about the exhibition here or if you’re heading over to Paris – as you do – why not drop by? The Genshin Impact exhibition is open daily from 9 am to 8 pm up until January 10th at Galerie Joseph.

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