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The Last of Us HBO Show

HBO’s The Last of Us Series is Getting a Second Season

HBO’s The Last of Us series has been renewed for Season 2 and, after last night’s episode, we couldn’t be happier.

We’re not going to ruin it if you’ve yet to see Episode 3, but last nights episode of The Last of Us does more than just regurgitate the plot of the game. It expands on a particular element and it’s so much better for it.

That’s not to say the series is, by default, awful – it’s not. But Episode 3, which is available now on HBO Max and Sky Atlantic (and airing at 9PM GMT on Sky) is absolutely fantastic. It’s left us craving more of that kind of content.

So we’re happy to report that, as confirmed by HBO, The Last of Us is getting a second season. That season is set to relate the events of The Last of Us Part II game, though whether it can be crammed into a single season is questionable.

Why? Because Naughty Dog’s second game effectively contains two story strands, and an awful lot of developments. The original game is a post-apocalyptic road trip, but the sequel is a plot-heavy maelstrom of misery and revenge.

So when can we expect Season 2 to arrive? At the very earliest, it’ll be with us in 2024 – potentially later in the year. So that should give you plenty of time to grab the merchandise that HBO will be releasing. Yes, there are game-based figures out there but we’re still waiting on the show-accurate ones. Please, HBO/Neca/whoever, just take our  money.

And as for Season 3? If the show does manage to squeeze the second game into one season, we’d love to see future seasons explore other characters. Last night’s episode shows that there’s more to the show’s world than just Ellie and Joel.

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