How to Change Suit in Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake Necromorph

Are you playing Dead Space remake and wondering how to change Isaac’s suit for something a bit snazzier? Here’s what you need to know.

The bad news is that while Dead Space remake will let you change Isaac’s suit, you can’t put him in tuxedo or a hot dog costume. But you can swap his suit out for several others, whether you’ve unlocked/purchased those through gameplay or purchased the Digital Deluxe edition of the game.

Firstly, be aware that while some suits change Isaac’s appearance, their difference is purely cosmetic. For example, the Burnished Suit shows that you’ve finished the game on Impossible mode but it won’t stop the Necromorphs slicing your head off. It doesn’t have the same protection factor as a Level 2 suit, though any rig upgrades you purchase will be applied to whatever suit you choose to wear.

Secondly, you can only change suits once you’ve reached the first Store, so you’ll need to have fixed the tram. Once you’ve done that, here’s what you need to do.

  • Head over to the Store console and activate it.
  • Tab over to storage, which is where any unlocked or purchased suits should be.
  • Select the suit, and Isaac will change into it.

Purchasing suits (rather than unlocking them through gameplay) will see you changing into that suit automatically. Then, the suit will be available in the storage section.

And that’s how you change suit in Dead Space remake.

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