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How to Climb Walls in Forspoken


Are you wondering how to climb up walls and gain height while playing Forspoken? It’s simple – here’s what you need to know.

Forspoken sees our protagonist Frey ripped from her native New York to the mystical world of Athia. When she arrives, it’s not long until she’s introduced to a set of special powers – powers that, over time, can be expanded and upgraded. Thankfully, it’s one of the first spells you learn in Forspoken that allows you to climb walls.

Very early on in Forspoken, you’ll be prompted to unlock a magical ability called Flow. This forms the basis of Frey’s ‘Magical Parkour’ ability set. By using Flow she can easily and effortlessly run up walls and clamber up onto rooftops. You don’t need to activate or ‘turn on’ Flow either: it’s always available for Frey to use.

To use Flow to climb walls, simply hold in the left analogue stick and press circle. Pressing the left analogue stick puts Frey into a sprinting move. From this sprint, pressing circle will activate her parkour. Press circle just as you’re approaching a wall to climb up it, and keep pressing circle to climb higher (or perform new parkour moves).

As you progress through Forspoken, Frey’s Magical Parkour moveset will increase. Over time, she’ll gain new abilities like Rush, Scale and Zip, allowing her to dash, create footholds to launch into the air, and use a magical zipline of sorts. It’s safe to say that getting around Forspoken is one of the most enjoyable parts of the game.

While you’ll need to play for some time to unlock additional abilities, you don’t have to wait long to climb walls in Forspoken. Again, simply hold down L3 and hit circle. Gaining height is no problem for Frey.

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