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How to Dodge in Forspoken

Wondering how to dodge incoming attacks in Forspoken when you’re battling against enemies? Here’s what you need to know.

Since most of Frey’s attacks in Forspoken are long range, you don’t always need to dodge. But when you’re up against harder-hitting enemies – particularly bosses and mini-bosses, you’re going to want to be able to get out of the way of their attacks. After all, some of them hit hard.

The bad news is that you can’t dodge in Forspoken straight away. But you won’t have to wait long until the skill is given to you. You’ll learn it during Chapter Two as part of the story. You won’t be able to dodge before this time, so the only way to dodge attacks of the earliest enemies you meet on your journey is by, well, moving out of the way with the left stick.

Once you unlock Flow, the magical ability that gives Frey her parkour skills, you’ll be able to dodge in battle. There are a couple of ways to dodge, which we’ve listed below:

  • The easiest way to dodge in Forspoken is to simply press circle at the right moment. Timing an enemy’s attack isn’t always easy, so watch for their tells. If you don’t time it right, you’ll still take damage.
  • You can also hold down the left stick and circle while you’re performing magic parkour for Frey to dodge attacks automatically.
  • Shortly after learning dodge, you’ll also learn dodge roll. To perform a dodge roll, prepare an attack (hold R2 or L2), then hold the left stick and circle.

Different enemies will require you to approach battle differently. Not every type of evasive manoeuvre will work in every situation. Find what works in the fight you’re in. The key is staying quick on your feet and making use of Frey’s full range of skills.

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