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Forspoken fast travel

How to Fast Travel in Forspoken

Are you wondering if you can fast travel in Forspoken? We’ve got good news: you can. Here’s what you need to know.

Let’s face it: fast travel is a staple of any open world game. It allows you to quickly get back to a point of interest without needing to waste lots of time and energy by going on foot. And thankfully, Forspoken is no different, with fast travel unlocking shortly after you’ve left the city of Cipal for the first time.

During Chapter Three, you’ll find yourself in the city of Cipal. It’s once you’ve left the city and come across the first safe house that fast travel will become available to you. From that point onwards, you’ll be able to fast travel by visiting the map. Simply press the touch pad, then use L1 and R1 to toggle to ‘Map’.

You can’t simply fast travel anywhere in Forspoken, however. You can fast travel back to the city of Cipal, or to any Pilgrim’s Refuge – i.e. safe houses – that you’ve visited. Simply use the left stick to move your cursor over one on the map, then press square to fast travel there.

Be aware, though, that you can’t fast travel at every moment. Sometimes, the ability will be locked out during certain parts of the story, or while you’re undertaking certain events. When it’s unavailable, you’ll see the ‘fast travel’ prompt greyed out on the map.

Make sure to enter any Pilgrim’s Refuge house you come across to unlock it as a fast travel location. You never know when you might need to pop back in a hurry.

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