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How to Save Your Game in Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake
Image: EA

Wondering how to save your game in Dead Space remake? Here’s how to make sure that getting killed doesn’t have you hurling your joypad through a window.

Firstly, when it comes to saving your game in Dead Space remake, the good news is that the game autosaves for you. Well, there is one exception but we’ll get to that later. You should still save manually but if you do forget, the autosave should hopefully, er, save your bacon.

To save your game manually, you need to find a Save Station and then go over and activate it. You’ll be prompted to choose a save slot and, hey presto, there you are. We’d recommend you use all the save slots, just in case, for example, you forget to upgrade Isaac’s abilities and get your bottom kicked.

The one exception is Impossible Mode. This mode, available when you start a new game, lets you use only one save slot and doesn’t autosave. And when you die, you have the choice of continuing in Hard Mode or restarting the game. The only reason Impossible Mode lets you save is so you can continue your run later.

Yes, there are probably ways round this, via “save scumming”, but that’s up to you to uncover. Besides which, the appeal of completing impossible mode is being a bad enough dude to complete the game in one life. Cheating rather undermines that.

And that’s how to save your game in Dead Space. Remember to save often, save multiple slots and slice off their limbs.

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