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How to Shoot Down Bird Nests in One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyssey preview

You might have noticed a number of glowing bird nests dotted around in One Piece Odyssey. But the question is: how do you shoot them down?

Using Luffy’s stretchiness to grab out-of-reach items is a big part of One Piece Odyssey’s gameplay. You may spot a sparkling item off in the distance. Press your left trigger to focus on it, then press your right trigger to grab it. Hey presto: it’s now in your inventory! However, try as you might, you just can’t get Luffy to focus on bird nests in One Piece Odyssey.

The key is to remember you can switch characters in One Piece Odyssey at any time. Luffy might not be able to grab bird nests, but Usopp can. That’s right: press ‘right’ on your d-pad to change characters, and select Usopp. He’s the long-nosed chap.

While Usopp doesn’t have stretchy arms like Luffy, he does come equipped with a slingshot, and with that he can knock down the bird nests, leaving the glowing items within on the floor, ready to be picked up. And his ability is used exactly the same as Luffy’s. Once you’ve switched to control Usopp, press your left trigger (L2/LT) to aim at the nest, then press your right trigger (R2/RT) to shoot. Just remember to go and collect your loot from the ground.

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