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Does Dead Space Remake Have Co-Op or Multiplayer Features?

Dead Space Remake Ishimura

The new Dead Space remake should, if the original is anything to go by, be a challenge. But can you share that challenge in multiplayer or co-op?

Dead Space 3, the last in the original Dead Space trilogy, had a co-op mode. So maybe EA Motive has decided to take a leaf out of that game’s book and let you share the terror in multiplayer? Maybe Isaac Clarke has a twin brother with a similarly biblical name.

The answer is no: there won’t be a co-op or multiplayer mode of any description in Dead Space. Why? Because this is a remake rather than a reboot and, as such, follows the original pretty closely. The original release of Dead Space had no co-op or multiplayer features, and so that’s the case here too.

But could this new Dead Space remake get a co-op mode later? We can’t ever see that happening, to be honest. For a start, it’d involve an awful lot of work. We’re not just talking about implementing multiplayer code, either: the game’s difficulty and its tasks are geared towards solo play. So you’d have to account for that and either double the Necromorph numbers or meddle with their strength.

And, as fans of the series, we’ve never found ourselves craving co-op. Sure, it featured in Dead Space 3 but we rarely dabbled in it. Maybe the Dead Space 3 remake – if this new series gets that far – will have multiplayer. But we’d be fine without.

So, no the Dead Space remake will not have co-op or any other kind of multiplayer mode. You’re on your own for this one.

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