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Is Forspoken an Open World Game?


Forspoken hurls you into Athia, a magical world that’s slowly falling apart at the seams. But for all its magic, is Forspoken an open world game?

Aside from letting you fling spells at your foes, Forspoken also features plenty for magic-assisted parkour. However, if you’ve played the original Mirror’s Edge you’ll know that’s not a guarantee you have a whole open world to explore. So, is Forspoken open world?

The answer is, we’re happy to report, yes. Forspoken gives you the freedom to roam, for the most part. There are boundaries, as is the case with any open world game – a map can only be so big. But there are side quests, collectables and much more to uncover. Or, if you just want to go parkouring, you can do that too.

The one snag is that there are times when the game will pen you in, limiting you to specific areas. Usually this is for storytelling purposes – you can’t wander off when there are important, dramatic developments coming your way. Or you may find yourself locked in with a boss – they’re putting in all the effort to try and murder you and walking away would just be rude.

But, for the most part, Forspoken is an open world game and you should get a real kick running, jumping and gliding about it.

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