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Karl Pilkington is the Cynic Cyberpunk 2077 Needs

Cyberpunk 2077 Karl Pilkington

Karl Pilkington has seen Cyberpunk 2077’s future and he’s not impressed.

Thanks to YouTuber HuffingtonPants, Karl Pilkington has been yanked out of the present day and thrust into Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City. Yes, we thought Mr Bean in Cyberpunk 2077 was the best YouTube’s gaming/video mash-ups had to offer, but we were wrong.

There’s something endearing about watching Karl roam the metropolis, grumbling about everything and loudly asking if cyborgs poo. Let’s face it, we’ve all pondered that particular philosophical question.

The one thing that does impress him is a crisp picker-upper which he then.. well, we won’t spoil it. But if you’re a fan of either the round-headed comedian/presenter or CD Projekt’s open-world futuristic adventure, it’s well worth watching. “We’ve had the Iron Age, the Stone Age.. this is the Pissing About Age,” Karl notes.

You can check out HuffingtonPants’ other videos here. They’re not all exclusively about shoving Karl Pilkington into video games but a fair proportion are. And you know what? We’ve absolutely not complaining.

We still grin thinking about Karl going around just chucking stuff into Oblivion gates. And why not? If they’re going to invade, why not get rid of some of your rubbish first? You can also support HuffingtonPants’ work by subscribing to their Patreon here.

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