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Life is Strange 2 Arrives on Nintendo Switch Next Week

Life is Strange 2 Nintendo Switch

Life is Strange 2 is hitting Nintendo Switch and, surprisingly, it’s nearly here.

Well, it’s surprising that Life is Strange 2 is just over a week away from landing on the Switch. Given that the Life is Strange: Arcadia Bay Collection and Life is Strange: True Colors are already on Switch, it was only a matter of time.

The game, which launches on February 2nd, follows two brothers who are on the run after the tragic death of a family member. The older brother, Sean, does his best to protect Daniel as they hit the road, but there’s a catch – Daniel has telekinetic abilities which he’s not entirely able to control.

Yes, it sounds a bit X-Men, but it’s an excellent game and starts off on a really strong note. The Nintendo Switch version looks to be a fairly straightforward port, albeit arriving a good five years after the original’s PC, PlayStation and Xbox release.

What’s surprising is that developer Dontnod Entertainment haven’t taken the opportunity to include The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. This free adventure is loosely tied in with Life is Strange 2 and was released prior to the latter’s arrival. It’s not essential to Life is Strange 2’s story, but it’d have been a nice gesture to have it thrown in. At least, unlike the original release, you don’t have to hang around waiting for the next episode.

You can pre-order Life is Strange 2 via the Nintendo eShop. It’s currently digital-only, with no word of a physical release, and arrives this February 2nd.

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