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Life is Strange 2 on Switch is a Great Port of a Compelling Adventure

Life is Strange 2 Nintendo Switch

It might be the most underrated of all the Life is Strange games, but Sean and Daniel’s journey is now available to experience on Switch.

Life is Strange 2 is the last game of the series to arrive on Switch, making all four of the supernaturally-charged narrative adventures available on the handheld console. And while they’re all good ports, some have fared better than others. The graphical downgrade is much more noticeable in Life is Strange: True Colors, for example, likely thanks to its richer, more detailed art style. But Life is Strange 2, taking on a simpler style to begin with, feels right at home in the Switch. And if you’re yet to experience this standalone adventure, now’s as good a time as any.

Every game in the series is steeped in tragedy in one way or another, but none might be quite so poignant and gut-punching as Life is Strange 2. Right off the bat as we’re introduced to Sean, his brother Daniel and their father, we know this family has already been through more than its fair share of hardship. But they’re trying to make their situation as a one-parent household work; it’s clear their dad deeply loves them. But an altercation with the bully who lives next door throws their life completely into disarray. One moment Daniel is getting yelled at for getting fake blood on the neighbour’s shirt. The next? Sean and Daniel are fleeing for their lives, leaving everything they know behind them.

Life is Strange 2 wastes no time in getting going, and from the very opening scene – footage from a police car camera – we’re given a very strong set-up of tragedy and supernatural goings-on. You see, Daniel harnesses a dark power that seemingly only awakens when he’s very upset or frightened; a huge blast of energy expels from within him. It doesn’t take long before we’re introduced to it, but you’ll need to play through all five chapters to fully understand the extent of his power.

Playing the game on Switch, we’re pleased to report that Life is Strange 2 performs beautifully. The port offers a smooth and steady framerate, and as already mentioned, its art style lends itself well to the lower resolution provided by the Switch. In other words, it still looks great. Of course, you’ll lose some of the graphical fidelity, and so if you plan to play docked to a larger TV we’d advise to still opt for the PC, PlayStation or Xbox version. But in your hands? Life is Strange 2 is a delight.

Daniel and Sean are protagonists that you’ll instantly want to know more about. Forget time travel or empathy; Daniel’s telekinetic powers feel more dangerous and exciting than anything else in the series. And as their lives unravel over the course of Life is Strange 2‘s five episodes, you’ll be on the edge of your seat every step of the way.

This is a game that deserves to be loved just as much as the rest of the series. Daniel and Sean are just as engaging, if not moreso, than Max, Chloe or Alex, and now their story is available on Switch, maybe more people will finally experience it. This is an excellent port of an excellent game, and you’ll be missing out if you don’t jump in.

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