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Valorant Lotus Map

Lotus, a New India-Inspired Valorant Map, Arrives Next Week

Lotus, Valorant’s new map arrives next week, giving players another arena to roam.

Lotus is also the first Valorant map to feature an Indian flavour, taking cues from Indian architecture. According to level designer Joe Lansford, Lotus took inspiration from “Stepwells, Rock-Cut architecture and the Dravidian style. Badami Cave Temples, Ellora Caves and Rani Ki Vav to name a few.”

It’s set to be a three-site map like Haven, and will feature revolving doors and destructible walls. Sure, it might not be quite as radical as Sector’s Edge, where you can blow up every wall in the level, but it should shake things up.

What Lotus won’t feature is any kind of religious imagery, which is definitely a smart move. We can still remember the controversy when Hitman 2: Silent Assassin included a level that took place in and around a Sikh religious site. The game itself made the news and the level ended up being pulled.

Aside from Lotus, there’s also a new skin set arriving and a new Battle Pass. The former, Araxys, has definitely caught our eye, sporting a strange, angular look. The weapons don’t go full on H.R. Giger but there’s definitely an alien air to them.

Or, if you want something more down to earth, the Battle Pass will let you dress a whole Agent team as cats. Don’t worry, we’re talking cartoon cats here. You don’t have to worry about diving into Valorant and seeing Cat Judi Dench reaching for you her with her human hands.

All this new content, including the Valorant Lotus map, will be available this January 10th, as part of Episode 6 Act I. The game is available on PC and is free to play – your can download it via the official Valorant site.

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